WeFoos Coin Mechanism

WeFoos Coin Mechanism

Our unique coin mechanism is a flagship product created exclusively for foosball promoters, table owners, and tournament directors. With our mechanism you can now offer various incentives for player participation or placement in ANY event you host! Want to provide free play without having to unlock a table? This is your solution. Need a way to reward players for showing up early, registering online, paying online, or by where they finish in the bracket? The WeFoos Coin Mech is the answer!

This mechanism fits all standard Tornado coin-op tables including the T-3000. Set your mech to take up to eight (8) coins! The mechanism is a beautiful complement to the WePlayFoos rewards program where we work with you to create ANY rewards program you would like to implement and offer your players. Adjust as often as you need, you are in control! Comes with a replacement or money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase date. Call to order this exclusive product!

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