All WeFoos Products are warranted for manufacturers defects and guaranteed fully functional for 30 days starting at the time a product is delivered to your door. But, sometimes with offering quality products, there is a chance for the occasional defect or otherwise "product issue". If you discover an issue with your product within 30 days of delivery, you may be eligible for replacement product(s) under our warranty. 

Please read the following guidelines and restriction regarding our warranty policy BEFORE you make a purchase from us. 

  • Warranty DOES NOT cover modified products - Certain WeFoos product(s) contain electronics that are tamper sealed to prevent being modified. Do not make any attempts to "fix it yourself", overclock, or make alterations for any "improvements". Opening any product will invalidate all warranties and any claim to such.  
  • Evidence of defect required - If you wish to make a warranty claim, be aware that you may be required to provide photographic or video evidence as proof. DO NOT ACCEPT any delivered package that appears damaged, for example a crumpled box. If you have questions or want to open your WeFoos package so badly and are not sure of the validity of this statement, VIDEO RECORD the "opening ceremony" or "unboxing". It might be the only thing that saves you.  
  • Certain "cosmetic" imperfections are not covered by our warranty - Certain products are hand crafted, machined with "non industrial grade" hardware, 3D printed, or are otherwise made affordable by keeping production in house. Color(s), size(s), and measurment(s) listed are provided for general reference only. Products are guarenteed to work as they are described and for the intended uses they are made for. Some products work with specifically listed third party products, i.e. "manufactured foosball tables". If we do not state our product(s) work "with", "for", or are otherwise an "accessory" to a specific table, etc, assume they are not tested for use on any other table than those listed. 
  • Product warranties are "non-transferable" - All warranties cover purchases on products made by the ORIGINAL PURCHASER only. If you buy, or sell, a WeFoos product to a third party, the warranty simply does not transfer to the new buyer. 

If you have any questions regarding our warranty policy or feel we need to provide further clarification, please click here to contact us directly or call us directly @ 1-844-4-WEFOOS. Our team will be happy to assist you :) 

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