Guidelines to Publishing Created Content

WeFoos allows members to publish various kinds of content - comments, photos, events, direct messaging, and more. As the highest level of evolved human, foosball players understand the value of "playing nice" better than anybody, however we decided to put this little reminder guide together for those of us that lose focus from time to time.

  • Inappropriate content: Threatening, harassing, hate speech of its various forms, lewdness, and other displays of bigotry will not be tolerated. Save it for those "trash talk" events at your local tournaments.
  • Promotional content: It is unlikely that we'll come down on anyone for promoting foosball related events or products of any kind, but try to keep the site useful for our fellow members and not overrun with commercialized postings for your personal products.
  • Stay Relevant: Try to keep your postings related to foosball topics as much as possible. Political and religious ideologies, debates, and squabbles fit nicely on Facebook. 
  • Privacy: Please don't post other people's personal 'ish. This isn't a soap opera. We get enough drama at tournaments ;)
  • Intellectual property: On the subject of taking content from others and posting as your own, just don't do it.
  • Event guidelines: Attention promoters and tournament directors! Keep your events up to date with current information! We will have your events removed should we find your events are outdated and misleading! You have been warned!

In the end, if you keep in mind that we can remove your account at any time for any reason you should be more likely to play ball than not. See you at the tables!

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