FoosFit Installation Instructions

on 05-07-2020 03:55AM in Support Center

A "how-to" guide for attaching your FoosFit to your foosball table has been added to the "Documents" section on the FoosFit product page

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FoosFit now for sale!

on 05-25-2019 07:51PM in Product Placement

Here at Texas State, we've just announced the FoosFit is for sale!

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Colorado, a Barber, and Moore

on 02-13-2019 03:35PM in Sneak Peaks

Jamming to Colorado - fitting the FoosFit for ITSF Official Tables

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FoosFit launched on Kickstarter

on 02-13-2019 03:17PM in Product Placement

We're pleased to announce the long awaited Kickstarter campaign launch for the FoosFit!

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Headed to Kentucky State!

on 01-24-2019 09:15PM in A Soiree for the Sport

Our bags are packed and we're back to Kentucky for another amazing trip! Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but...

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Are you linked on Facebook or Instagram?

on 11-17-2018 10:41PM in Seen on Social

Having trouble finding a partner for the next major? Using WeFoos, you can easily find local players!

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2018 Louisiana State and FoosFit updates!

on 11-17-2018 10:36PM in Sneak Peaks

Louisiana State this weekend and FoosFit/FoosFocus update announcements!

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Warrior presents 2018 California State Championship

on 06-03-2018 06:08PM in A Soiree for the Sport

Back again! Warrior Table Soccer presents the 2018 California State Championships at the Cimarron Golf Resort!

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05-05-2018 Stinger's BYP

on 05-06-2018 01:15AM in Local Yokels and Locales

Avoiding a near double dip, Rissa and Bryan fight for victory!

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04-21-2018 Stinger's DYP

on 04-21-2018 06:31PM in Local Yokels and Locales

Jesse shows his love as Bryan backs away ;)

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